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Got an email from my dad who teaches literature, and occasionally PE, at a juvenile hall:

This early AM during PE we were playing soccer . . . one of my special ed. students was taking the ball quite skillfully from center field towards the goal .. amazingly he got within fifteen feet of the goal and had an open shot . . . screaming at the top of his voice, “For hate’s sake I spit my last breath at you . . .” . . made the shot and goal yelling, . . “* I give up the spear!!” Won’t get him gainful employment . . . but, made the staff stare in amazement . . . that’s worth something in life!

*From Moby Dick

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  1. Pop Says:


  2. Debby Says:

    Kids are sooooooooooo funny! I would tell you a few things I’ve heard my kids say. But then you might have already heard some of those. In any case, better not repeat them here. Still lovin’ your blog dude and it’s great not to be filed amongst the riff-raff.

  3. Zippy Dick Says:

    I finally got there last night, page 623 in my paperback Penguin Classics edition. Which should have been quite gratifying except for the fact that I was reading quickly to try to finish before I fell asleep. It comes over me that way sometimes. My mother is the same way. She would fall asleep in mid-sentence while reading the Little House On The Prairie books to us. But how sad is that: falling asleep on the 2nd to last page of Moby Dick. I tried to read the Epilogue, which is page 625 and one page in length — I tried four times, I think — but couldn’t keep my eyes from falling shut. I woke an hour later with the book laying beside me on the bed and the lamp still on. I’ll have to read it again this morning. In any case, it was nice of you to prophetically provide this fine anecdote in so fitting a moment.

  4. Wren Says:

    I have never read Moby Dick. There are many classics I have yet to read. Still trying to get through Pride and Prejudice.