Christianity, Hard Work, California

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That’s the secret to longevity, apparently.

A few years ago, well maybe a little more than that, a local newspaper had an article on one of my relatives — my great-great-great grandmother.

Here’s the article, from 1925 in what I think was the LA Times.

Eliza McConnell

“If I want coffee three times a day — and I frequently do — I have it.”

Words to, literally, live by.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where she lived when she was such a ripe old age, here’s a map:

my great, great, great grandmother’s home 1926


More from Gran McConnell.

3 Responses to “Christianity, Hard Work, California”

  1. marie Says:

    I’ve grown to love Eliza! She has been dispensing her holy influence for a long time. And far beyond her death she continues to impart her wholesome and steadfast faith. I think it would please her immensely to see her picture on the website of her great-great-great grandson who loves her Lord and strives to walk in His light! It tickles me to see her picture here!

  2. Mark Goodyear Says:

    I love this! Especially this part:

    “Life seems very uncertain for some people but not for her. It’s probably all because she has been living in the special dispensation of the bright smile and the cheerful heart…”

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Patrick Says:

    Mark, I agree, that is a great line. Especially given her history. A bright smile and cheerful heart in the midst of it all. I think, maybe those lines, are what got me to post it.

    I think it would please her to see her great great great grandson posting on the magic word and picture box, though for whatever reason I can hear her saying right after smiling at my comment, “What’s he doing wasting time? There’s half a day worth of sun left for working!”