a step in some direction, maybe

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As you may or may not know I wrote a book this past year. On the Holy Spirit in the Church, with special reference to the Emerging Church movement.

Basically, it’s a theology book on the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church framed as a conversation between a pastor and a journalist. Scripture is specifically used all throughout, with other references not being as particularly noted. They are underlying the whole work, but I’m not sure many people are interested in a lot of notes like “See also Welker, 184ff”. The influences are implicit rather than explicit, except for Scripture.

I wrote the book and have in the meantime asked a few people to look over it, to help me sharpen what I did. Now that Fall is here I’m thinking it is a good time to take another step, so this week I’m going to start shopping the manuscript around.

I’ve already started a new project, on sin, but this first one still holds a special place for me. I’m hoping it gets picked up somewhere. I could see this as a continuing field of study for me, both in practice and writing, so wouldn’t mind the encouragement in that direction.

All to say, if you are so inclined, prayers in regards to all of this are much appreciated.

3 Responses to “a step in some direction, maybe”

  1. christina Says:

    sure thing!

  2. Wren Says:

    Absolutely. Keep us informed about it. It sounds like something I might be interested in reading.

  3. Patrick Says:

    Thanks! I’ll definitely continue to give updates.

    “It sounds like something I might be interested in reading.”

    Which is a great encouragement as I start this process. There’s a market!!