Faith on Television

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I was thinking earlier today what the most Christian/religious show on television is these days. This is a tricky question really because I’m not asking which is the most religious themed. There are whole channels of men in sharp suits and women with big hair who dance and prance and preach while waving a heavy leather bound book around.

As there’s no suggestion Jesus ever did such a thing like this I don’t really call this Christian, even if it’s religious and culturally attached to a historic faith. Jesus when he had a crowd passed the basket, and everyone got some fish and some bread from the activity.

No, I’m wondering what show which doesn’t term itself as religious really has the most religious themes. Nowadays I ask this without really having a good grasp on the entertainment landscape. I’m afraid I haven’t seen a single episode of most of what makes it into the top ten.

But a guy can wonder, can’t he? And I do wonder. I wonder partly because in years past I may have said Angel was the most religious and had the most faith filled themes. It wasn’t Christian by any means, but there were times in which quite pointed Christian messages were just underneath the surface of the dialogue. It was a show about redemption after all.

Not too long ago, for far shorter than any manner of decent thinking should allow, Firefly would have made the list. It wasn’t a Christian show directly, but I dare say I don’t remember any other show that had a Christian pastor as a main character who actually wrestled with issues of morality and faith. I also don’t remember ever seeing a sci-fi show that had religion as a continuing way of life. Speaking of which Sci-Fi really needs to pick that show up again. For the sake of the children.

Now, I don’t know. My Name is Earl deals with karma, which is a religous concept of a certain kind, and it definitely has a rather strong morality to it that reminds me a lot less of any other recent sitcom and a lot more of what made the original Twilight Zone so captivating.

Well, I have a suggestion. Maybe it’s Dog the Bounty Hunter. Which is really a curious thing to me, as a quick glance at the show would suggest quite otherwise. A quick glance is what I got at first, popping over during commercial breaks of Dirty Jobs. Then the popping over lasted longer as I became intrigued not only by their work but by their personalities and by, yes, their rather deep faith in God.

Only what other show has a scene whether a whole family gathers in a circle, holds hands, and prays a lovely prayer in Jesus’ name? And it’s not just that. Their faith permeates the whole show, even if the permeating is expressed quite a bit differently than anything that happens in my life. I don’t live in Hawaii after all.

I was reminded of this in a quick trip around the channels this evening and happening to catch the wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter talking. She said, “We’re a little bit unusual family. Where else do you see a mother and a father and their children going out together to catch really bad guys… for the Lord?”

Indeed. Does this count for the “did you visit me in prison” clause? Seeing them interact with the folks they catch makes me think it quite does. Though, truth be told, their living faith is likely rather a scandal to the Baptists and foolishness to the Presbyterians.

2 Responses to “Faith on Television”

  1. marie Says:

    The Waltons! Here is a truly inspiring and wonderful “Christian\religious show”! They tease about keeping the Law, for instance Grandma and Olivia do not approve of the recipe and chide their husbands whenever it is partaken. However, the living faith and the genuine love woven throughout inspires and builds one up in the ways of the Lord. This is a show to value and enjoy! It gets my wholehearted vote of approval!

  2. christina Says:

    hmm… scandal and foolishness… i seem to remember Paul having something to say about those…