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There’s a bit of a conflagration a few miles north of Lake Arrowhead, which means a few miles north of where I’m sitting. It’s cool today, with little wind, and the fire isn’t threatening homes or anything.

Here’s the update:

Pinnacles Fire 2,500 Acres; Air Attack Imminent

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

As of 7:00 AM, there was little change in the fire. It’s size remains at roughly 2,500 acres. “The fire has laid down real well,” said one official Tuesday evening, “with no open running flame” The only problem area is the northeast corner near Apple Valley. Helicopter operations are to resume shortly, with fixed wing operations to resume after 8 AM.

Tuesday afternoon, the fire reached a trigger point along Deep Creek, causing officials to issue voluntary evacuations for the Highlands and Mariannas areas of Apple Valley, east of the Lake Silverwood spillway.

The Pinnacles Fire started just south of the shooting area along Highway 173 near Lake Arrowhead. Firefighters had a shakey containment on the fire shortly after 10 AM Tuesday, but the fire escaped containment just before 11 AM and has spread rapidly. It jumped and spotted to the north in gusty southerly winds Tuesday afternoon, burning north and northwestward toward Apple Valley.

To be honest, while I think fire is bad, and not to be encouraged or enjoyed, as it results in loss of life even if no humans are affected, I can’t say I’m all that disappointed in the chosen location. Me and the Pinnacles area have a wee history.

I have scars, I tell you. Scars from some of those now burning bushes, or at least close cousins of the same.

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