Elections in Iraq

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“What’s the purpose of the elections in Iraq? It is to try to get a government that the Iraqi people see as legitimate,” Albright said on ABC. “That’s the whole purpose of it.”

She said Allawi’s statement in Washington last week that 15 out of 18 Iraq provinces were ready for elections was “kind of like deciding that California, Texas and Florida won’t participate in our election.”

Yeah, kinda like the election of 1864. Methinks Lincoln was considered legitimate, even though the rebellious states did not choose him. They still had to follow the elected government afterwards, however.

There is a decided lack of historical consciousness in dealing with Iraq, which can’t seem to go past a thirty years. Or, more likely, history is not supportive of their cause, so they choose to ignore it all together.

Colin Powell, in an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” acknowledged that violence by insurgents is worsening and traced it to the upcoming elections.

“They do not want the Iraqi people to vote for their own leaders in a free, democratic election,” Powell said of the insurgency. “And because it’s getting worse, we will have to increase our efforts to defeat it, not walk away and pray and hope for something else to happen.”

Walking away in words or action can only make things worse. Iraq is getting worse, but this doesn’t mean that there no light at the end. Sometimes it gets much worse right before everything works out wonderfully. But, I suspect everyone knows that already.

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