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I was thinking about the present war, and past wars, and the sad state our present republic seems to be in.

The draft was responsible for every war until the first Gulf War, and for the most part, men went to do their duty, with their country behind them. Now, the idea of a draft is used much as the fear of an atomic war. A vague threat which seeks to destroy the hearts of young people. Do we not value causes greater than ourselves anymore? Would this generation fight the US Civil War, or the Revolution? That the Democrats wouldn’t is assured. Of course they didn’t want to fight the Civil War when it happened so that’s not a new idea.

But then I was thinking about World War I. The Great War supplanted by the Greater War. The US reluctantly entered the war, near the end, but certainly provided the final push.

What if we didn’t. Would it have been that bad? Honestly, I don’t know enough early 20th century European history to answer that with any authority. Though, we would have been left with a significantly stronger Germany controlling Europe, and a virtually nonexistant France. I’m not sure how Britain would have ended up, though my guess is they would have been beaten but not conquered.

Had we not entered WWI, there would not have been a World War II, for there would not have been a beaten and ravaged Germany to allow a man like Hitler to rise to power. Anti-Semitism would have existed in some form, but it wouldn’t have flared up as it did when an impoverished nation felt an evil need to blame a foreign native people. The Holocaust would not have occured, Israel likely would not exist as a nation.

Curiously, WWI is considered, at least from my hearing, a Just war. Considering the results of this victory, and the hundreds of millions of deaths that resulted from this victory, I’m not sure it was.

I note nothing with this beyond the fact that such a thought had never occured to me before.

Anyone who knows more or thinks different is welcome to educate me.

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