Israel and the Church

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The broader Evangelical Church is widely thought of as an uncritical supporter of Israel. A study has been done which suggests that mainline churches and their affiliations are overcritical about Israel.

I do suspect a curious form of anti-Semitism which highlights Israel as being the source of unrest in this world, while leaving out such countries as China, North Korea, etc. Why is there not a similar outcry for a Tibetan homeland? There was certainly less of a strategic reason for China to invade land. Tibet never attacked China, and never had as their goal the complete destruction of a Chinese homeland. Once people get into a bad habit it’s hard to break, and the Church has over the centuries developed quite the habit of anti-semitism. Germany was themost theologically advanced country for the last hundred years. It’s a bad habit indeed, that unfortunately can find some rational in people’s minds.

A woman I know even is dealing with a situation at her Evangelical Free Church congregation where another woman is actively promoting the idea that Jesus was an Arab. We can’t have a Jewish Savior, can we?

The real problem is that the mainline churches don’t matter. The National and World Council of Churches like to say they speak for tens of millions, if not more, Christians… but really they only speak for those few folks who show up to their various committee meetings. So they criticize the seemingly powerful because they are easy targets. Can’t criticize Muslim countries, because even if they are doing terrible things to their own people (and would treat the Palestinians as bad if not worse if they could) it is not politically acceptable any more to criticize Islam.

You see Christians in the past made the terrible mistake of being offended that peaceful Christian lands were overrun by Muslim armies, and made the real mistakes of responding with a similar evil.

They can’t criticize China primarily because… I don’t know why, though my guess is that they are of a different race, while Israelis are Asian in continent, but mostly European in look. Mainline Churches, you see, have mastered the art of self-loathing.

So this is something to look into, and analyze. There is no justice in Christ when the Church is selective and attacks those who are really doing the best of the bunch over all.

Now the caveats…
Mainline Churches have historically been more active in helping the poor and needy, seeing the Gospel in practical terms which the more conservative/fundamentalist/evangelical churches have not, and are only now beginning to catch up. They act in a way which their political and press statements sadly distort.

Secondly, the Torah comes into play:

Exodus 22:21 You shall not wrong or oppress a resident alien, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt.

That all being said… the Bible makes it clear that the God I worship has chosen a specific people as his own. Nothing tells me this has changed. God has opened the doors wider, but he hasn’t evicted the earlier residents. When you make it a life’s mission to destroy Israel, it never ends well. That they have obligations to this call is clear as well. Something for all sides to consider.

Then again, I’m neither Jewish nor Palestinian, and am thus offering these words with the humility which comes from the fact I don’t know the reality of living in Israel. I’m responsible for my own actions… and I know to check for the log in my eye before mentioning someone’s splinter. Likely the mainline denominations should do the same… if they worried solely about their role and didn’t jump into judging complicated political situations, they’d likely have a better voice in this world.

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