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Someone came to this site looking for the “feeling paranoid Bible”. Now, I don’t have one and I’d never thought about this before, but it does make perfect sense really. A good many folks look to the Bible to justify all manner of fears or conspiracies or other dangers. Call a spade a spade and get yourself a “feeling paranoid Bible” if you really want the thrill of being a martyr without going to the Middle East.

Completely unrelated. I was going through and sorting some new mp3 files I just ripped. Old and New Testament mind you, so it was a kosher activity. In the background, however, I had Fox on, mostly because of the Simpsons. Then that ended and Malcom in the Middle came on. It’s a reasonable enough show for mindless background entertainment, so I kept it on while I worked. Towards the end of the show my attention was drawn by a commercial I hadn’t seen before, a commercial proclaiming the opportunities, equal and otherwise, of working for the CIA. Yes, that CIA, which ended on a picture of their austere logo and a link to their website. The CIA is hiring apparently.

Who exactly are they looking for that they advertise employment opportunities during a rerun of Malcolm in the Middle? Is this their ideal demographic?

It does explain a lot really.

2 Responses to “random evening notes”

  1. Becky Says:

    I actually find it funny that the CIA would have a commercial to hire people… especially during Malcom in the Middle, now if it was during a commercial for, lets say, Friends or something, I just might consider it.

    No, maybe not. If you ask me, begging isn’t pretty…even when its the CIA! lol.

    Well, have a nice day!

  2. Patrick Says:

    Friends of course. That would make perfect sense. Maybe there’s something to this whole terrorist thing that especially calls for a Malcolm in the Middle mentality.

    And the commercial itself is odd. I always thought the CIA was in the business of setting up surreptitious meetings with the most beautiful and intelligent seniors at our major universities. I thought about checking out the employment opportunities myself, since they seem so interested, but then I realized the CIA likely isn’t looking for anyone with degrees in theology and a background in ministry. Though, maybe I’m wrong about that.