something’s wrong

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So, I’m reading through the New Testament this past week, trying to get my hands around its teaching and approach on a particular subject. This, by the by, again proves that reading the New Testament generally makes for different theology than hearing someone else’s condensed version. It wasn’t that I saw something new, because I went into my present project having already strong impressions from previous readings, but it is interesting how what can so thoroughly be present is so thoroughly considered absent. It’s amazing how much time we spend doing those things the New Testament just about specifically says don’t worry about overmuch while virtually ignoring in action those things that the New Testament goes on and on about. We certainly view through the glass darkly in our present, but I think a good half of that dark is our own smudges. Some spiritual windex would do the Church mighty well.

All this is a topic for another day, and one which in itself is so obvious and so repeated it hardly counts as a new observation. My concern right now is me.

Through the last few days I have been reading through Paul’s letters and I gut stuck on an analogy. I keep thinking about NASCAR. This isn’t odd to the great many people in this country who adore the racing round, but I haven’t ever been the sort to appreciate asphalt, loud engines, or grease. Motorsports have utterly no place in my list of loves.

But, I keep thinking about NASCAR when I read Paul. In fact, last evening I was actually excited that after a day of reading through various epistles I turned the television on just in time to start watching the Sharpie 500 at the Bristol Motor Speedway. Now, maybe it’s because I’ve never actually watched a single NASCAR race before this, let alone the bulk of one as I did last night, but really, even if they throw down a lot of cash to sponsor a race someone should have stepped in and said, “No, we’re not going to call it the Sharpie 500.” That makes it sound rather, well you know how it sounds.

I’m not sure what happened yesterday, or what it betokens. Am I going to pick my favorite driver now and buy an RV and travel around the byways to the various speedways and raceways? Am I going to prefer asphalt and concrete to dirt and forest? I don’t know.

I do know that I’m going to have to get up to speed on how the whole point system works, worrying about my self all the while.

Maybe it’s a good sign, and a sign I haven’t fully turned my life over to a new gospel, that I only watched to about lap 300 (out of 500), so I don’t know who won. Did I fight the temptation or did I falter in perseverance? Though, it’s likely also another sign that I didn’t even think of the fact I didn’t watch to the end until right now, the distractions pulled me away and thoroughly so. It’s another sign altogether that I’m now interested in who won, and will spend a moment checking.

It was Matt Kenseth, who also apparently won last year. I refuse to check how many points he won, or what the overall championship standings are. I still retain some balance.

I have in fact liked country music for a season or two in my life, so maybe there is a curious part of my soul that NASCAR could fit into without too much change. I don’t know what I think about that even still.

Prayers are appreciated on my behalf.

4 Responses to “something’s wrong”

  1. sonja Says:

    Have you seen Cars? That might break the spell. On the other hand, the fact that you still have no desire to understand the point system and all of that is probably a good sign too. On the third hand (if you have one), you might just embrace it and get it over with.

    You are correct, no race should be named the Sharpie 500. It’s wrong, on so many different levels. 😉

  2. Patrick Says:

    I haven’t seen Cars. I guess I’ll have to now, all things considering.

    I do in fact have an interest in the point system, as far as the general rules go, I’m just really trying to not get into the specifics of how it’s working out in the present season (do they call it a season?). I know, already, it’s 5 points per lap led, and 180 points for winning a race, so a winner gets a minimum of 185 points for winning because they have to have led at least that last lap.

    Is it too late for me? I suspect it’s too late for me. The California Speedway isn’t too far away. Maybe they take in pilgrims. Or maybe I need to repack my camping gear and get into so thorough nature.

    Either way, it’s a good thing I don’t have a pulpit. The analogies would be flying, and almost certainly I’d have parishioners inviting me to join them at the next race. Tempters.

  3. Pop Says:

    There are so many signs . . .”signs”, get it? . . . all up and down Etiwada Blvd right now, giving specific directions on how to enter the California Speedway .. guess there is a race this weekend (Labor Day, imagine that?!!). In fact, I am in my classroom listening to, I guess, pre-race rumblings, screeching, engines roarings, etc. Perhaps, . . . auto racing is for YOU!!

  4. Patrick Says:

    Fortunately, the force which repulses me from thinking anything outside in Fontana during the summer is fun is stronger than my present curiosity.