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I have a bit of the absent minded professor about me. Especially in terms of my books. I’ve a good amount of books, and these good amount tend to be moved around. Most of the books I would use only to fill bookcases are in storage of one type or another. I’ve boxes and boxes of those.

Books I have in here are books I generally use, or think I’ll use, at some point. Once a year or so if I haven’t moved, I realize any manner of organization has completely disappeared and I need to go through and do something with these books. Stacks have formed in various other, non-bookshelf, spots, and these stacks have an increasingly diverse mix of topics. Plato, which I haven’t read since college is sitting under The World according to Garp, which is sitting by Don Quixote, which is on top of The Princess Bride and the third Harry Potter novel, opposite Ignatius of Loyola (whose day it is today) and the complete works of Josephus and Mark Twain, on which is sitting Toward a Theology of Nature by Pannenberg. This is quite a silly order of things.

The bookshelves, of which I do not have nearly enough, have run into the same problem. There’s no organization any more. Books on learning how to use Dreamweaver and InDesign are sharing shelf space with a book on Christian nominality, the Presbyterian Book of Common Worship, Taiko by Yoshikawa, the Dead Sea Scrolls (in book form) and the collected works of Jack London. Different projects required pulling books out, and they never quite got back to where they would feel comfortable. Somehow I generally have a sense of where a particular book might be only the disorganization and stacks tends to make my mind feel a little cluttered.

So, since I’m going to start writing again tomorrow after a month or so away from anything particular, I figured today, being an odd sort of day, is a good day to get things squared away. It’s odd mostly because it’s the 31st and a Monday. The end of a month while also the beginning of a week. It is the middle of summer and misty cold outside.

This past Friday, Monday called up and said it was going to be a day for cleaning. So, I penciled it in and here I am typing instead of cleaning, writing a long post on what is, thus far, completely unrelated to anything I’ve written thus far. The point of this post follows.

In cleaning up my bookshelves I found what occasionally pops up in other times of cleaning and moving and otherwise sorting.

It’s a ticket to Disneyland.

It’s a ticket to Disneyland given as a prize to some Disney contest in celebration of Disneyland’s 30th anniversary. Disney recently made a big deal about their 50th anniversary, which means, well, this ticket isn’t exactly new and has wandered around various boxes and bookshelves for a good while.

I don’t even know if it’s still good, though I imagine it is, and worth considerably more than what it was worth when it was given out in 1985.

That was in the era of my regular Disney attendance, which fell off about ten years ago or so. This ticket floated around, never around when I went since 1985. Out of sight, out of mind, out of any memory of where it might be except when it makes an appearance on completely inconsequential days such as this when there’s absolutely no chance or plans to make good on its temptation.

I note this now for a reason. Only I’m not quite sure of that reason, but assume it must be about the same reason as why I keep coming across this ticket at odd intervals.

The funny thing is that at this point if I went to Disneyland I’m not sure I’d use it. It’s been twenty years.

Think of how much value it will have in twenty or thirty more. I just need to tuck it back into the bookcase, maybe behind the 5th volume of the ante-nicene fathers or the autobiography of Clarence Darrow sitting right next to it.

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  1. christina Says:

    Sounds like a job for OCD Librarian Girl!

    DEFINITELY keep that ticket. 🙂