unpacked boxes

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Well, I’m now at the new server. Funny thing is during this switch the occasional glitches were company wide and due to major power blackouts in LA. So, the new server was getting hit too. Only now things seem to be back in control, and that’s fine. I’ve been at that old server since 2003, and well, it was crowded. So, now I have room to stretch out and that means everything should be running a lot quicker.

There’s only one problem. My gallery didn’t make the transition. It was a program based on their server, and they have since switched to a newer program. So, I’ll need to go through and repost all the various galleries. Which is fine, I suppose. The newer version really is better. Just don’t click on the gallery link and expect to find anything quite yet.

Oh!: The gallery is now working again. There may be some other things not quite right but as those things are most likely obscure and I wouldn’t think of them, do let me know if something isn’t quite working as it says it should.

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