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My updates might be a little sparse the next day or three. I’m moving to a new server and, well, there’s a good bit of stuff to move. I’ve rented the big uhaul, have the industrial dolly going nonstop, and have to make sure some of the more delicate items get over to the new home without getting broken.

The sign of completion will be thus: The brewer’s blackbirds will alight on the cedar spire.

2 Responses to “computery things”

  1. christina Says:

    where to?

  2. Patrick Says:

    Same company, newer server. I’ve worked with ipowerweb for a while, and while there are some glitches at times I always get good and quick service. Plus they offer a whole lotta space and bandwidth now. Moving to a different company would require more thought. But I was getting a lot of slow down and inability to connect in recent weeks so I asked them about it and they said I could move on over to some new digs. The nice thing is with this move I get a lot more space and bandwidth. As I was now moving past 11% of my space and getting upwards of 4% of my bandwidth usage regularly it was clearly becoming too crowded. 🙂

    So, maybe once this all gets officially moved over I’ll have a lot more movies to post what with all my new room. Let’s see, I have one of quail digging in the snow, another of a chipmunk squeaking, and maybe I’ll get one of our new rowdy black chinned hummingbirds.

    Yeah… action up in these parts does tend to be nature oriented.