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It is likely one of the stronger signs of my personality that I like personality tests. The quest for self-knowledge or something like that. It’s also a strong sign that I don’t take these at face value but tend to gauge how good they are by my own sense of self.

So here’s this one.

I’m apparently a Driver. Which for some who may know me might seem a surprise, for those who have gone sailing with me, not as much. I do see this quite strongly in me, only it’s a latent reality not always on display given the context, quite strongly on display given the context. Spirituality is one of my stronger goals, which over the course of the years has fought against some of these characteristics, not driving them away but teaching how to be wise about their use.

General Description
As a Driver, you create activity and set the pace within your family and among your friends. Due to your desire to produce results, you quickly take charge by defining goals and delegating tasks. You are not afraid to take risks or impose your will through strong action in order to move ahead.

Typical Areas of Strength
Drivers, like you, are bold, direct, confident, competitive, often pioneering, assertive, frank, independent, and responsive to new challenges. You excel by having the freedom to define a direction focused on results.

Typical Areas of Struggle
You may be impatient, insensitive to the feelings of others, frustrated with details and routines, a poor listener, impulsive, too blunt, or overbearing.

Your Preferred Activities
To maximize your talents, you look for situations in which you can have a high level of independence, with obstacles to overcome, challenges to meet and solve, without many details to handle.

Your Communication Style
You communicate directly and forcefully, getting to the bottom line quickly. As a result, friends and family may see you as demanding, impersonal, and dominating.

oh!: I should probably note that according to the officially mandated personality test for Christians I am a very strong INTJ.

With something like this comes another interest. My interest in psychoanalyzing myself, to explain the nuances, how I’ve seen these traits, how some of these traits have been pushed to the rear, etc. and so on. But I won’t get into that here.

Instead, have a look at some pictures of birds.

3 Responses to “personality”

  1. christina Says:

    um. no. that really doesn’t sound much like the Patrick i know.

  2. Patrick Says:

    Yeah, it’s in there.

    I honestly think this is why God has been very potent about teaching me humility over the years. I somewhat agree with this survey not because I think I exhibit this, but because in a curious way it describes what I suppress or am tempted to do.

    Had I pursued a life sans God this is the kind of person I would be, and it does come out at times, which has gotten me in trouble by various church leaders over the years who don’t think me humble or obsequious enough.

    Behind each of these traits I see struggle to reign in my tendencies versus what I think the Spirit is calling a person towards.

    That you don’t see this as me means the effort and training and divine slaps across the head have been fairly effective.

  3. Pop Says:

    Christina . . .you need to go sailing with Patrick! A delightful experience, though daydreaming silliness should be kept to a minimum. We are sailing you know! Who would I most feel confident to sail with? Patrick . . and his older brother Jon. We will get there and back . . . just don’t ask either to anchor the ##!!**! boat . . anchoring is not yet a pleasant experience.