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God’s Spirit is the power and might of God in which in constantly new ways people are rescued and led out of distress and danger, out of demonic possession, and above all out of diverse forms of self-endangerment and self-destruction.

From early on, God’s Spirit has been experienced as a power that exercises deliverance by means of appearances and processes that can be termed “emergent.” In the midst of disintegration, the Spirit restores community in an unexpected, improbable way. The Spirit connects human beings, interweaving them in an unforeseen manner in diverse structural patterns of life. The Spirit is “poured out” on human beings in diverse structural patterns of life. The Spirit comes bringing life “from all sides.” Thus the Spirit heals and revives human hearts and human societies, causing them to grow together anew. The Spirit restores and strengthens communities of creaturely solidarity. The Spirit produces communities of faith and hope among the living and the dead. These communities are realities, even if they sometimes surpass contemporary and finite conceptual capacities.

–Michael Welker, God the Spirit

2 Responses to “emergent”

  1. Pop Says:

    Michael Welker? . . . an experienced person who has truly interacted with “communities of creaturely solidarity” ..or a pneumatological ecclesiastic theorist?

  2. Patrick Says:

    Well, formally the latter, though maybe the former as well.

    Seems most of the Bible, however, is the story of pneumatological ecclesial theory and less expereince with the full interactions. It’s the goal, the indication of heaven among us, only there’s more than heaven among us in this present life.