why there is hunger

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There are a lot of reasons there is hunger in the world. Some folks like to bring up the cost of terrorism or what’s going on in Iraq, weaping over their corn flakes about how much such money could help those who starve. That’s the rub for me. I’m all for feeding people. But it’s not a matter of there being too little resources, or not enough money.

It’s stuff like this. When leaders of countries are grossly corrupt their people starve. Send more money their way and their people still starve while my money goes into the bank account of a billionaire.

This doesn’t mean we cut off the flow. I’d just like to see more balanced responses to the issues. If the conversation doesn’t include how to end the vast political corruption then it’s without much worth besides self-congratulatory hand-wringing.

America is succesful not because we are an inherently better people, but because when there are Cunninghams or Jeffersons in our midst we throw the book at them, then put them in the stocks, and we make their downfall a serious insult to their entire political party.

Spain had a culture of corruption in its settlements. England did not. That’s why immigration to this day runs Northerly, not southernly. People of any sort are basically the same. It’s the context that makes some countries great and others perpetually poor.

Corruption doesn’t have to be ingrained in the culture and downtrodden countries can choose to rise to the top if they choose, as a society to fight their own crippling history.

The Clippers made it to the Western Conference semifinals this year.

A sign there is hope for anyone.

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