good politics?

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So, there’s a big election coming up this November in which it is highly likely Republicans will lose a lot of seats, maybe even enough to get pushed out of the majority.

The strategy with about six months left? Get into a major battle with the President, who is in the same party, about an extremely well documented and justified search warrant executed on a representative’s office, a representative who has been caught on video tape accepting a bribe. A $100,000 bribe.

Who are these people? Are they actual humans? Have they been visiting the liberal websites and believed everything they read about themselves, so are now playing the part.

Are they like the sports team who intentionally takes a dive during the season so as to get better draft picks?

Or is this a ploy to disguise with ineptness what would be an otherwise too obvious cooperation with the oil companies to slash the gas prices in half roundabout October thus leading to a Republican landslide?

There must be some reason. Has Russ Feingold finally perfected his mind control ray, thus leading to Republican defeat, and in an especially muddle headed way?

Are there any third parties forming out there? I find I am discontent with all my present options.

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