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The Power of Hospitality

I’m increasingly realizing this is entirely true, and at present there is a generational divide between those who find the 1950s a good model of cultural response, and those who would rather discover the deeper truths of the Spirit in our midst, which have always been around just not always embraced.

Of course, to act in such a way as this not only will spark disagreement, but also charges of heresy as those who prefer the older model (“losing, but right!”) feel threatened by the new (“Loving and true”). What is to hold the tide if people do not angrily defend the cause of right and wrong? Ask Peter after Jesus healed the sliced off ear of the guard. Then ask him again three days later.

In truth and love is power. In being merely right there is only self-satisfaction.

I suspect we can come up with manifold examples of both and know exactly which is transformative.

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