a canary

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This is going to surprise everyone who regularly visits here. I’m just exploring something, so don’t think you’ve won. Yes, that means you. Well, not you. You usually agree with me on these things. But you, I hardly want to write this for the glee this will cause you.

I’m wondering about oil prices. This is a funny thing for me to worry about because I hardly drive anymore. I work from home, and while I do have to drive to town in order to check the mail I only do that twice a week or so. When I do drive, however, I really get to driving some decent distances. And, really, I tend to think about things I’m not necessarily affected by.

Such as women in ministry. But that’s a topic for another blog. And I am affected by that, but still I’m not going to get into that here.

So oil prices. Or rather gas prices since my pure oil needs are very low.

I’m thinking oil prices are a canary, and I’m thinking this is finally what pushes me over the edge in my considerations of many things political.

Gas prices are ungodly high. And when I say ungodly I mean ungodly because it’s not the rich folks who worry about filling up their tanks. Poor people are the most affected, and in a land as big as ours, as dependent on cars as ours, this is basically like taking bread from their tables. To work they have to drive, to drive they have to have gas, to have gas they have to go without something else. That’s the way of things. So, of course, this level of prices is ungodly.

Some folks blame the old supply and demand. However, that’s clearly silly unless there was some significant force which makes for wild changes in either over the course of a year, or even a couple of days. Plus the Saudis said it’s not a supply issue.

It is a demand issue, with companies demanding just what they can get, and commodities traders reacting to any little scare driving the price ever upwards not for the supply that is, but for the supply they think there might be in many months time. That this supply really hasn’t changed hasn’t affected the speculation, driving the price ever quickly higher, and ever so rarely slower lower.

This is what gets to me. Oil prices are immensely, extraordinarily, shockingly, corruptedly, dependent on global politics. Good things happening, there’s no excuse and prices are lower. Everyone shaky, prices go higher.

Well, that’s a canary. The sign of things gone wrong is that which is most sensitive. Gas prices are saying something, which is why it is more than simple personal interest which would make gas prices cut in half double the President’s approval rating. They are a measure of this world, the real indication of the state of this union.

At least this is how it seems to me… though admittedly my training is better used in discussing the topic of women in ministry. I’m just a run of the mill voter when it comes to economics and suchlikes. But, as such I figure I represent a good many more people than the economists who can explain things away while cashing the big checks their own oil stocks are sending their way.

Perception is everything when it comes to politics, and sometimes it is even right when it comes to reality.

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