Inconvenient things

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I’m thinking of beginning a new series, nothing really life changing nor all that important, more a posting of thoughts along the way as I notice things that fit. The series I will call, The Inconvenient Things in the Bible. Now, that may seem heretical. But it’s not at all. Indeed, it’s anti-heretical. Heresy is making God into something he’s not. The Bible is the revelation of God, so we Christians assert, so if something in the Bible is inconvenient to us, it means there’s something fishy with what we believe to be true. Or, there might be situations which don’t work out right, or are unexpected, or we’d rather God did something in a different way. God of course works things out, but we don’t always see this right away. Noticing the inconvenient things in Scripture helps to sharpen our eye for the details, and thus for our own lives. I think so at least.

Take this one for instance. Joseph, Son of Jacob, was thrown into prison for eight long years… for not sleeping with the boss’s wife.

David was anointed King of Israel, filled with the Holy Spirit in power, and was a mighty warrior. Then he spent about a decade fleeing for his life, living in caves and depending on the mercy of his national enemies for his sustenance.

These two things are inconvenient to our initial theology. There are more, and I’m going to start taking better note of them, because while they are terribly inconvenient, they are also the way things went, and thus have to influence our theology.

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  1. sonja Says:

    In fact, I think if we were to keep count (as you intend to do) we’d begin to realize that the inconvenient things outnumber the convenient things. God isn’t nearly as easy as we make Him out to be. For instance, there’s the entire book of Job … that’s fairly difficult to reconcile.

  2. Patrick Says:

    Totally. I was going to make a list and I realized I couldn’t do it in one sitting so I have to make it a series.

    This is a participatory list too, so I love your mention of Job. The whole book. Absolutely Inconvenient. The entire thing goes against everything I was taught in Sunday School. And I love the end. You can see his friends gloating and nodding their heads when God starts laying into Job. “Yeah, that’s what we were saying,” I’m sure they said.

    Then when God is done with Job he turns, and blasts the friends. For what? For saying exactly all the “right” things about God. Didn’t matter. Job may have been wrong to question, but he was right at the same time. God blessed him all the more because of it, after he told him how wrong he was. This is totally inconvenient! I still don’t know what to do with that.

    Maybe I should keep count of the convenient things too. Um… Rahab. She was saved for hiding the spies and staking her claim with Israel. That’s convenient. Stick with the good guys and things work out.

    But she lied to do it. Bold faced lie. That’s inconvenient again.

    This is going to be tricky.

  3. punch drunk Says:

    I believe in a talking donkey.

  4. Patrick Says:

    Entirely Inconvenient!