lapis lazuli

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I occasionally make note here about some saint or another who did something wise, or holy, or devout, or such likes. The reality is these people lived and still live, we have famous names of the past who act like heroes for our own faith, and we have those in the present who still take a stand for the faith.

I don’t have much to add on the topic, but I thought it is right and good to honor Abdul Rahman. Far too many Christians make such a stand in total anonymity, so in honoring Rahman, we also honor, and support, and pray for the others.

Rahman is that historic Afghani product, Lapis Lazuli — True Blue. He is a confessor, and may yet be a martyr, for his faith, for Christ, not for an ancillary doctrine. He is a model for us, for he may die for the faith, and that challenges us to live for it.

Lapis Lazuli -- Abdul Rahman

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