Security? For Eternity?

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For whatever reason I finally feel like posting this, something I finished earlier this week. It was for a student project, not for me, but for another student who was gathering together a collection of essays on the topic of Eternal Security, gathering together from a variety of resources, I seeming to be the least officially educated of the lot.

So, here’s my consideration of Eternal Security, whether we are saved for all time or not, as it touches on Colossians 2:13-15. To be honest, prior to this I was leaning against eternal security, as I always regarded the Hebrews verse with some weight, and thought that our moral choices did have an impact, maybe even to a certain point a crucial impact.

The position for the project was to support the idea of Eternal Security, so that I did, and in doing this I think I may have pushed myself to the other side of the fence. Interesting. I enjoy it when that happens. Though, I think a more substantial treatment might pull me back a slight bit, as I think there might be one road out of heaven, but just the one, and that is not unintentionally taken.

Or maybe it just goes to show that I can succesfully argue even myself into a position because that was the assigned position. That old potential lawyer in me coming out again, I guess.

So here it is, my bit of semi-exegesis for the week. And you know what? It’s not about us.

You might also note the new section. It’s just this wee bit now, but it will grow over the next few weeks. I realized I have a lot of writing in a sort of computer limbo, not doing anything worthwhile. So, if I’m not going to send it out to be published, I might as well post it here, in whatever state, on whatever topic it finds itself.

Someday soon I might also get back to that topic of Emerging Church stuff that seemed to so entirely disappear from the radar.

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