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So, my dad got a new car stereo for his birthday. After taking a bit to come, it finally came, and had all sorts of self-install stuff with it. Save a bit of money and such.

Today, then, I got to installing the stereo and the new speakers. Not too bad. Only I’ve never done anything like this before. My cars have always had too much trouble simply running for me to ever worry about audio, let alone installing it myself.

Seminary, you might be surprised, doesn’t teach these sorts of things.

I should have prepared a bit. Turns out I needed a screwdriver of type I had, but not one long enough to fit in the quite out of place spot it was located (it wasn’t a normal type of screwdriver, by the by, one of those fancy kinds…. no, I’m not talking about a philips).

Then I realized I had to crimp some wires in the wiring assembly adapter. Yeah. I needed crimping clamps. That’s what I called them. When I went to radio shack I realized I needed to buy some insulated-crimp butt connectors. So, I crimped and connected, and did all sorts of other things, including trying to figure out how to take off the dash cover when there was no possible way to get a certain bolt I needed out. I finagled. That seemed to work, and so I got in the radio. Then a bit later the speakers.

Six hours and a little bit more I turned everything on. There was power. Only the radio was stuck in demo, and no button seems to be working.

It does beep nicely, and makes a sound when you leave the face plate on, and it lights up with verve. I put a cd in and it played that. Only once I turned it off I can’t get it to play anything anymore. Just a demo telling me about the features I can’t seem to use.

So that’s my day. And since I have no confidence whatsoever about my stereo installation skills I haven’t any idea whether it’s me or the radio, whether it’s a setting or something peculiarly broken.

I do know that I’d much rather wrestle with the complexities of God in this world and the complications of understanding the Divine interactions.

Installing car stereos just right, however, is plain too tricky.

2 Responses to “techy”

  1. punch drunk Says:

    It sounds a bit like a doctrinal stereo. It tells you what it can do wihtout really doing it.

  2. Patrick Says:

    A doctrinal stereo? I think I need one of those in my car.