the church in the west

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I was sitting outside on the deck finishing, again, Miroslav Volf’s After Our Likeness and I looked up, then looked around. There were small patches of snow nearby, and there were even larger patches of snow on the other side of the street, where more shade kept the sun from doing its warming work.

Being I was reading about the church I couldn’t help thinking about the church while I was looking at the remaining snow. Some of it quickly disappeared, some of it will remain for a week or more. The white world we knew last weekend, however, is gone, and it is disappearing.

Focusing closely on the snow might be deceptive, for there would seem to be a lot of it left. But, it’s retreating, it’s melting under the heat. And the only hope is for more snow to come.

Or something like that.

a close view:


a broader view:

snow patch

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