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The number two Christian missionary sending nation? South Korea

This certainly is no surprise to me, as my time at Fuller Seminary and at Wheaton, informed me that Koreans are among the most passionate and dedicated Christians around. This doesn’t mean they are without their own ecclesial issues, of course, many of which mimic the mega-church issues we have here.

This does reality raises a couple of curious thoughts. If Korea is #2 in sending missionaries can we in any way call Christianity a Western religion? Is it back to being what it was in the beginning, an Asian religion?

Second, what does this say about the Korean War. Certainly, had the whole north and south become communist the Koreans would not be sending missionaries to other parts of the world. War helped stop the tide of a destructive force, and gave room for an enlivening force to grow within South Korea, and throughout the world. Can I say all wars are wrong if the #2 missionary sending nation now is in its present existence precisely because of a very fierce war in the early 1950s?

History is a curious thing.

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