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Interesting, and varied, thoughts from Peggy Noonan.

Among other things is this little bit of edification:

What was so special about St. Joseph Cupertino? His intellectual dullness left him modest; the fact that no one seems ever to have loved him left him not angry but humble; the violence inflicted on him by others left him sympathetic to their frustrations. He thought nothing of himself, and God knew. He loved God with pure and complete ardor, and God knew that too. And God filled him with what most others could not be filled with because they were so full of themselves, and that was love. God poured so much love into St. Joseph that he was lit with it, floated with it. It literally left him airborne.


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The newly revised and slightly edited Stations of the Cross is a fine consideration during this season of Lent. Read through a station a day, or read it through in one sitting.


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Methinks the LA Times editorial page is a wee bit weary of STORM WATCH 2005!! and the accompanying whining.


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It appears that the gap between American high school students and those of other countries is lessening.

Thought for the Day

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Be persecuted, but persecute not; be crucified, but crucify not; be wronged, but wrong not; be slandered, but slander not. Have clemency, not zeal, with respect to evil. Lay hold of goodness, not legality.

—Isaac of Syria


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Lebanon’s Syrian backed Prime Minister says he is ready to resign.

“It’s strange for me to say it, but this process of change has started because of the American invasion of Iraq,” explains Jumblatt. “I was cynical about Iraq. But when I saw the Iraqi people voting three weeks ago, 8 million of them, it was the start of a new Arab world.” Jumblatt says this spark of democratic revolt is spreading. “The Syrian people, the Egyptian people, all say that something is changing. The Berlin Wall has fallen. We can see it.”


Baseball and other sports

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I don’t understand. Pete Rose, the all time record holder for hits, is banished from the hall of fame because he gambled. From what I can tell he was never responsible for throwing a game, rather he was addicted to the thrills of gambling on outcomes. Gambling on baseball threw him out for life even though he was not cheating.

Using steroids means a person is cheating. No different than corking a bat or scuffing a ball. They are changing their natural abilities by illegal means. Thus, every hit they get, every run they score, every action they take on the field is a result of direct cheating.

How is it that gambling is worse of a crime than taking steroids?

Want to end steroid use in professional sports and thus all levels of sports? Call it what it is — cheating — and make positive testing for it punishable by a lifetime ban.

Pete Rose may be a jerk, but I suspect his record and hall of fame quality playing were significantly more honest than any of the home run records of the last decade.

View at night

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Wintery view from the bedroom window

change of pace

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History repeats quietly

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Hey… why don’t we just all break their windows too, and take back what they have stolen from others.

Once again the WCC proves it speaks for an ever smaller group of people all while claiming to speak for the Church.

During an historical interesting time as Palestinians and Israelis just might be coming closer to peace, the WCC tries to make itself relevant by means of senseless gestures of intolerance.

Hey WCC, how about divesting in Syria for their occupation of Lebanon? How about China for their occupation of Tibet? Shall we support Russia while they oppress the muslims of Chechnya? The Irish sure hate Britain still occupying northern Ireland and causing a thousand years of Catholic misery. Corporations out of Britain! The French have messed up in Northern Africa. No more Francs! The list goes on an on.

Calling for corporations to cease activity with Israel after they have already decided to stop razing homes and while they are moving actively in a positive direction to help Palestinians is obscene. Fortunately, no one has really cared what the WCC has said for about fifty years.