Random Rumination

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We walk in a world not our own, possessing yet holding loosely, letting go all that binds, all that hinders the goal. We are the redeemers of time – what is fateful becomes fruitful, what is a fear and foe becomes a tool, a force, a power to be walked on like water. Yet like water we sink into time, letting our faithlessness cover our heart. We sink, worried, fretful, possessive, greedy, grasping because time is drowning us in its overwhelming force. We must walk on time, above and outside, yet touching it, letting its waves be that which we place our feet upon. It is only through and by faith we become Time-Walkers – eternal beings who transcend yet are connected with this elusive dimension.

random rumination

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A moment of quiet, a small bit of peace, even the birds pursuing soundless tasks. The sky bright and clear, sun-filled yet cool. Peace abounds.

A moment just to sit, to listen to the silence, to let the so gentle rhythms of the early afternoon seep into this oft raucous soul. The sound of a distant mower, rasping and scraping, ends this, but only slightly.

What wisdom is there, what news pray tell? What is the soul within being told? Only the gentle silence, mildly broken, is heard. The yearnings so deep, addictive. Yearning for the yearning, just to feel the life. The stillness, occasionally torn, speaks peace even to this.

What say you my soul to the rest without? Content shall you be? Dare say thankful? ‘Buts’ and ‘Ands’ assert, their inharmonic cackling more disturbing than the mowing and now hammering. If peace within can ever be grasped, then all that is outside has lost its power.

To pray, to rest, to simply be and become, letting the gentleness of the present whisper to my soul. To be on the ship in the middle of the storm, Jesus asleep, yet still calm in my heart, having faith, that is the becoming I seek

Random Rumination

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The dance, the rhythm, the explosion of creativity, the wild exciting ride which life is supposed to encompass, which the Church is supposed to illustrate, has been subsumed under a doctrine of God which even mildly put is terribly boring. This enervating force, this grounding of a live wire, has bored to death, literally, countless numbers who sought theoria more than theory. It is the living, breathing active relationship of God which we are seeking in our depths, which we yearn for with our entire being, a taste of which we would do many things, serious and silly.

and modern “convenience”

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I got back yesterday afternoon. Saw my computer was on, wondered why, then noticed all the other curious traits of a sometime electricity outage over the week.

While in Arizona we didn’t exactly engage primitive conditions. Our motel within walking distance to town, a block from the OK Corral, and surrounded by other assorted Places of Historical Interest, wasn’t the newest place, but it had air conditioning and a television and indoor plumbing.

But, I don’t have a cell phone, and didn’t have access to a computer, or email, or any of the other ‘necessary’ conveniences which somehow erupted to prominence in the roarin’ nineties.

I come home to the mountain retreat and find myself content without those trappings. I turn the computer off, without checking any of the things which I seem to have to check several times a day, don’t update this site with my goings-on, internal or external. Instead, I find peace with the absence. Had the electricity still been out, I would have wondered about the reason, but likely would have contentedly sat and enjoyed the lack of those conveniences which somehow drive our days. Though, to be sure, having the gas go out would be bothersome… no lights is a treat, no hot showers… that’s going too far into barbarism.

This all to say, I’ll get back into the rhythm of regular thoughts, but for now, it may be slow going.

That’s my reality, I suppose. I will eagerly take up the new technology, only if it is gone, I don’t miss it, not for a second.

What I really would like now is a 125 acre ranch bordering the San Pedro river.

I suppose I’ll wait on that, at least for a couple more weeks.

Back from the Town too tough to die

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Spent the week past in the city of Tombstone, Arizona Territory and parts thereabouts. A Western Pilgrimage, a walk into our not so distant past, remembering the violence which formed the order in this part of the world, and realizing people really don’t change.

Stepped into the OK Corral, visited the saloons, wandered the streets while lightening flashed all around, and a heavy rain gave drama to the night. My brother and I wandered into the depths of a copper mine, made the hike to Apache country, and the fort which finished the fight, leading to Geronimo’s eventual surrender.

Had a meal where Wyatt, and Doc, and Ike and Curly Bill once ate, then had another meal there later in the week. Saw where Marshall White was shot, visited the famous Boot-Hill (where stands the grave stone “Here Lies Les Moore, four slugs from a .44, No Les, No More”). Came to the conclusion that some places have become significantly less sinful in the passage of one hundred years. No more prostitutes, gambling illegal (I asked if I could start a faro game… the proprietor said, “No. Faro’s illegal even in Vegas now. The odds favor the house too much.” My brother did buy a faro deck and accoutrements just in case), and when we drove in on the first night roundabout 9:15, the only business still open was the Circle K at the edge of town.

All in all had a fine week of it, filled with western lore and historical sites, once known only through the movies. Pictures and more thoughts forthcoming.