Pictures from the morning

I woke up this morning and there was this beautiful web made between two small branches on the cedar tree outside. We don’t tend to have a lot of these great concentric webs around up here, and even if I don’t like spiders, I appreciate good engineering when I see it.

spider web

I got up, took a picture, then went outside to do some work. About an hour into it I looked up and there was this raven, sitting in a branch across the street. I didn’t see him land there.


As far as I could tell he was just hanging out, checking out the yards.

common raven

And these few from this last week:

We’ve been having a black-chinned hummingbird assume the feeder as his own.

black-chinned hummingbird

He perches on a branch, watching and waiting.

black-chinned hummingbird

I’d be bothered by his repeated attacks on every other hummingbird, except for the fact that he often starts to sing this lovely little song while he is on duty.

black-chinned hummingbird
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