Past matters

Had a big problem yesterday. My old blog that came with me from my old webhost started acting crabby. I hadn’t poked it or bothered it but it acted out anyhow, causing issues that got my present webhost crabby. So, they shut down my site.

Fortunately a little bit ago I had the thought to do this new blog, which helped me feel a little bit better when I erased the old one to clean up the problem and get my site working again. My suspicion is that when I moved from the old host to the new host some problems from the old host came along for the ride. I don’t know enough to fix them, but I do know enough to get all the old posts back working again. Had to erase the old one and start over, but most of that isn’t obvious. Especially now that Present Matters is back online. If you want to know what I’ve been thinking the last three years, that’s a fine place to visit.

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