Pannenberg: “Should we support gay marriage? No.”

For a long while I’ve collected interesting pages to blog on later, bookmark them for reference, but the later never comes. So, I’m going to just go down that list of bookmarks, not worrying so much about commentary, unless there’s conversation.

The first one is sort of interesting. Wolfhart Pannenberg, the theologian I studied this last quarter, has an article on gay marriage.

Pannenberg is an interesting voice on this topic because his whole understanding of sin, salvation, holiness, and eternity with God is not based on a conservative, fundamentalist legalism. Rather, he starts with an anthropological foundation, looking at the human search for identity. Sin is not a breaking of laws, and random rules, it is a pursuit of that which seems to promise identity but does not. Only God is our source of self. This doesn’t mean we lose ourselves, but rather we find ourselves open to other, and open to God, and open to ourselves as who we are truly called to be in eternity, through the life of God in our lives.

He comes at the topic of identity and sin from a different direction, from an entirely different context. As is among the most profound theologians of the last 50 years or more.

Making him an interesting voice on any topic.

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