One Hit Wonder

A fine idea I saw over on Alan Hirsch’s blog.

We hope to gather 7.29 million dollars, one-dollar at a time, then give it all away to those who need it most. Here’s how we seek to do it.

What if everyone in the world gave you one dollar? Have you wondered what you’d do with it? We have, & we’d like to see how many people across the planet will give a dollar & then give it away to the poorest communities in the world. Currently 729 million people have internet access. Imagine if just 1% of these people were willing to get involved & give one dollar. That would amount to over 7 million dollars to give away. Not bad for a measly dollar!

On December 25, 2008 we’ll begin to give away every dollar-90% to the poorest communities in developing countries, & 10% (plus interest) will be utilised locally. The money will be given through registered well-known organisations across the globe covering many regions & needs. Not one dollar will be used for administration or any other associated expense. These costs will be covered by us & our partners. For those concerned this is a scam we’ve asked Deloitte, one of the world’s leading accounting firms to audit onehitwonder.

So, here’s how you can help us turn this into something great.

1. Participate in the wonder // check out & if you’re inspired hit $1

2. Spread the wonder // pass it on via email, text, blog, digg, talk, and so on.

We need your help so please send this email to your family, friends & email contacts. Please only email those you know personally as spam will hinder this initiative. The best way is to copy the text & paste it into a new email with a personal greeting. If you have any questions either reply to this email or go to the website

spread the wonder

Darryn Altclass

I was inspired. I’m hoping a whole lot of people are.

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