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For those who have followed my writing and schooling a bit you’ll know that I really liked, and really used, the book Emerging Churches: Creating Christian Community in Postmodern Cultures by Eddie Gibbs and Ryan Bolger. Their influence goes back a bit earlier. In my very first quarter at Fuller in 1999, and maybe my first class of my first quarter, I took Evangelizing Nominal Christians taught by Eddie Gibbs, and TAed by a very conservative looking Ryan Bolger. Early in 2006, I audited a class with Ryan Bolger on emerging churches, and this class thrust me into really writing It’s a Dance.

He and Eddie Gibbs, have then, been my primary, academic, exposure to this movement over the years and helped shape my thinking on church before the emerging church was named. I owe a lot to their research and their questions.

All this to say, Ryan Bolger is being interviewed over at Shapevine tomorrow, January 31st, at 1pm my time, which is 4pm on the East Coast, and other times in other places. 🙂

He’s well worth checking out.

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