oh and…

If the earlier blog came off as something is wrong. It’s not. I’m having a nice time. All is well. Part of why I wanted to come out here was to see people but also to come to terms with what wasn’t good 10+ years ago. I didn’t know how to process it all then. I felt this spirituality and got knocked around. So, I was curious to see where there is redemption. Where there is light. To walk in the old places and see what God says. To then feel that encroaching sameness, though without the persistence and power, was a curiosity. So I turned and I faced it last evening with my post, trying to come to terms with it.

It’s how and why I get on to doing theology. I’m my own test subject.

Just realized my musings might have sounded more personally troublesome than I feel.

Now I feel the burn and I know how to at least begin processing it. And there are a lot of wonderful things going on that, then, I didn’t know to hope for. If I didn’t feel that burn I think I would be a significantly reduced thinker. So there you go.

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