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My website has had some problems lately, causing a lot of problems on the server. An errant wordpress plugin even caused my host to shut it down for a while at the end of March, until I got some time to figure out the problem (the aforementioned plugin). The other day, I had another temporary shutdown because of another problem.  Needless to say, I’ve not been paying attention to my website health for far, far too long.  I have thoughts of making a big update at some point, but not at this point, because I just have too much other stuff to do. But in fixing stuff, I came across an old folder that had pages from long ago, like 2004. I’ve been going through the writings and pictures and such, a scrapbook of my post-seminary self.

Anyhow, I found this page noting my “official choices” on various topics. I thought it funny, so I’m sharing it here. Even though this is now over 13 years old, it’s pretty much still fitting. There are some changes, but not many. For instance, I have now seen Office Space and I’m thinking my official Channel Island is now Santa Rosa, though Anacapa is making a strong run again as I’ve become obsessed with its live came.

Now onto the list:

Oden’s Official things:

-Official Choices-

States have all sorts of official items.  They have songs, and flowers, and birds, and desserts, and sports (the official state sport of Maryland, by the way, is jousting), and just about anything else one can think of.  So, why shouldn’t I?  Am I not a state unto myself?  No, I am not in fact, not in any way.  But I still can have an ever expanding official list of random things.

Official Movie Litmus Test:  Joe Versus the Volcano

Official ‘White’ Noise:  a Fan

Official Church Father:  Tertullian

Official First Aid Product:  Neosporin

Official Play I Was Part of in High School:  Harvey

Official Sport I’ve Tried to Like for Ten Years and Now Have Given Up:  Hockey

Official Bottled Water:  Arrowhead

Official Constellation:  Orion

Official Natural Fiber:  Wool (the only material which insulates better when wet)

Official Men at Work Song:  Overkill

Official Deadly Sin:  Acedia (yeah, you were hoping for something a bit more spicy, weren’t ya’?)

Official scented candle scent:  sea breeze; sandalwood (tied)

Official movie I been told over and over is great but still have yet to see:
Office Space

Official rock:  schist

Official word I catch myself saying more than I want to
and want to quit saying at all:

Official Bad Word:  ****  (this site has been edited for all audiences)

Official Precipitation:  a light, fluffy snow around sundown.

Official Sailing Role Preference:  The jib; the foredeck

Official Weight Loss Strategy:   Poverty

 Official Moon Phase:    Three-Quarters, past Full

Official Vitamin Supplement:    B vitamins (all of ’em in one giant pill)

Official Movie I really Liked when I was A High School Junior But Don’t as Much now:  

Nothing But Trouble (Starring Chevy Chase and Demi Moore)

Official Sport I’ve Never Played but think is really Cool:    Lacrosse

OFficial Sport I Watched to make Fun of and ended up really getting into:  Sumo Wrestling

Official Obscure Important Year:  390

Official Sleeping Posture:  On my side

Official Guy I’d Like To sock in the Nose for Some unknown Reason:  John Hagee

Official Biblical Character People Don’t Know:   Bezalel; Oholiab (tied)

Official Phobia I do not Have:  Fear of Heights

Official Music People May Be Surprised I Love:  70s Funk

Official Regularity for Mowing Grass should I ever Have to Again:
Every 2 weeks, or so.

Official Grammatical Mistake I Still Do Not Understand:
When to use ‘that’ or ‘which’

Official Painter of previous centuries:  Caspar David Friedrich 

Official Christian Cross style:  Celtic

Official bird:  the Raven (of course)

Official Comedy team of the Early years of Hollywood: 
The Marx Brothers

Official Tree:  Coast Live Oak

Official Least favorite State:  Nevada (sorry, Nevadans)

Official Most Favorite State besides California:  South Dakota

Official Favorite InterState Highway: 
the 90 (or I90 for the rest of the country)

Official Least favorite Interstate Highway: 
the 10 (or I10 for the misinformed)

Official Ocean:  The Pacific

Official Heresy:  Semi-Pelagianism

Official Terrain:  Mountainous 

Official activity I would like to do more of:  Sailing

Official Monty Python Sketch: 
The Spanish Inquisition (didn’t expect that, I bet?)

Official Dialing Sound:  Tone

Official Bible Character:  Joseph (the one in Genesis)

Official Weather:  62 degrees, sunny with scattered clouds, wind from the west at 12 knots, cooling off to the mid-to-low 30s at night.

Official Channel Island:  Santa Barbara Island

Official color:  Crimson

Official Pirate Movie:  The Sea Hawk

Official lighting preference:  Natural

Official Invertebrate:  The Octopus; the Cuttlefish (tied)

Official means of communicating before electricity: 
Yelling Really Loud

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