Off and Away to an emerging pneumatology

I’m leaving on a jet plane, be back late Sunday evening.

Going to the Society of Pentecostal Studies annual conference, out in North Carolina–at Duke to be more exact.

Should be a grand time. I’m giving a little presentation on emerging pneumatology, in which I take the traits of the emerging church and view them through the lens of Moltmann’s theology to identify these traits as an emerging pneumatology.

In other words, the same thing I did with my book.

This morning I practiced and recorded it. I need more practice, and I need to get over this cold and cough, but for the most part I’m happy with what I’ve done. The book is 270 pages. The paper I wrote for the conference is 27 pages. The text of the presentation I will be giving on that paper is 13 pages. Editing down is fun!

Here’s the 1/2 hour presentation.

Or you can visit me on youtube.

Part I, Part II, Part III.

If there is good access I’m going to try to do regular posts from the conference, and maybe get some video. We’ll see.


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