I meant to finish the third chapter of my dissertation today. Had I been a lot more strict about my page goals, I likely would have. Hit my sixty page chapter goal, then added a page more, with likely at least five to ten pages left to write. It’ll be a sixty page chapter when I turn it in, but will have to get through a fair bit of editing along the way. I still have to thicken it up, after all. A chapter just about Moltmann isn’t really my goal.

The day could not have been more beautiful. Entirely blue sky, a bit of a breeze, low seventies in temperature. A small flock of cedar waxwings found the small berries in a tree off to the side of the house, and flitted back and forth from that tree and a coast live oak. They were a chattering bunch the whole while, whistles and extended shrieks, nothing disturbing to me, though. Bird calls don’t seem to bother me at all.

I snacked more than I should have during my slow burst of writing. A moment of regret spurred me to get up and go running after all. Had I not snacked I likely would have chosen one from my selection of excuses.

Out onto the road I went, down the street, over to San Dimas Ave, then up. To the top, over the freeway, into the county park, then across. Along paved roads then onto dirt trails, down and up and down and up and down again. Then up, back up San Dimas Ave. Half the steep hill in the beginning, the other at the end. Back onto the side streets, feeling exhausted, continuing to run. Sprint along the last stretch to the driveway. Amy was already home.

She saw me while I was running that first stretch, but didn’t honk like she did last time. I didn’t see her.

These are the things I noticed today, while I was writing.

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