We have been going pretty non-stop since we moved. Just about every day something was going on; more for Amy than for me, but often for me. As much as I have been trying to settle in, the last two weeks really were more frenzied than peace-filled. Amy hasn’t even had a chance to find peace here with all that has been going on.

We slowed down yesterday, finishing up putting boxes away and finally feeling like we were here. Yesterday was our yellow light. Today was our red. Today, we stopped. Had blueberry pancakes. Watched a movie. Then we sat outside. The first time Amy has sat out there for any length of time longer than five minutes. I’ve worked out there before today, but only for a couple hour stretches. Today, we had lunch out there and stayed until it got cold and dusk. Enjoyed the breeze. Enjoyed the sun. Enjoyed the birds and the squirrels. I even enjoyed the worms that were surprised when I turned over a loose piece of sod.

We stopped. We rested. We recovered a little bit of our focus and much of our soul.

This is a little bit of what I noticed today:

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