More Pure than the Puritans

Last quarter I did what is called a Directed Reading. Rather than having a class, I worked out a course of study with a professor, Jim Bradley, and worked independently. This basically was a whole lot of reading and a final paper.

The reason for doing this was because I decided to add a Church history minor to my PhD. Basically, this means that while my PhD still is in systematic theology, I’m adding an extra course of study that widens my area of specialty. Meaning I have more job possibilities when I’m done, and more interest while I’m on my way through it.

My focus this last quarter was on early American church history. Read all of the writings of Roger Williams, and key early documents from the Quakers, as well as key source material about Anne Hutchinson. Made for a very interesting season of reading, as this era was quite religiously vibrant–a lot more so than most people realize.

This work is also going to pour into some continued interests of mine, so I see all the various streams I’m wading in contributing to a fuller (ha!) course of study, which may end up being a career’s worth of work. Now, this is just the beginning, making it feel daunting and exciting.

All this was basically a lead in to the main purpose of this post. If you’re at all curious about Roger Williams, Anne Hutchinson, and early Quakers then I just posted my paper online. If I ever want to do anything more with it, I might take it offline, but for now it’s here for your enjoyment. I’d love to hear thoughts, questions, comments if you have any.

More Pure than the Puritans: A Study of Nonconformity in 17th Century America

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