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I recorded the Emergent Moltmann conversation this past week using my livescribe pen. I still have mixed feelings about the livescribe, as it is on the cusp of being extremely useful and worthwhile, but is undermined by the manufacturer’s limits on how it can be shared. To post the notes with the audio you have to use their livescribe community website which is, to say the least, very unreliable and limiting. It doesn’t export Flash at all, not in any usable way.

My notes link the audio to basic text and themes. Which would be helpful. Since I can’t post that, I can at least post the audio portions of the Moltmann conversation. I hope to add some more detailed thoughts in the near future, but for those of you who want the whole, raw conversation here they are. Tony Jones mentioned he is wanting to get a podcast of the conversation up as well, which would be a lot more clean audio. But for now… here’s this.

Session 1: Mostly this is Doug Pagitt giving an introduction to the Conversation and giving a presentation on the Emerging side of things.

Session 2: Moltmann talking about his life and theology.

Session 3: Moltmann speaking about his theological method. The end of this one has a great lightening round in which a major name is mentioned and Moltmann gives a 1 or 2 sentence response–which gave very interesting insight into his perspective, sometimes funny.

Session 4: Moltmann speaking on themes related to his Crucified God, which includes aspects of his understanding of atonement and eschatology.

Session 5: The sessions from this last day were more random, basically being more scattered questions. But the answers weren’t scattered. Indeed, in this session Moltmann gets to some very interesting points on the contingency of God, original sin, and other important theological themes.

Session 6: More unconnected questions, this time touching on more controversial and personal issues.

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