Moltmann and Emergent Conversation (part 1)

Last evening was the first session of the Moltmann Conversation hosted by Emergent Village.

For the most part, the two hour session was an introduction. Not as much of Moltmann, though there was a little of that. Mostly an introduction to the emerging church side of things and a fair bit more conference “etiquette and order” than probably was necessary.

John Franke gave about an hour long presentation on plurality in the church. Now, for those who are sensitive, this isn’t pluralism. It’s plurality. No one in the church has a total grasp on a single expression of theology. Instead, we are a body in thought, emphasis, and action. Different perspectives, different roles, different priorities. For me, it was interesting to hear Franke mention a fair amount of element I had written about in my ‘Emerging Liberation” paper on theological method of the emerging church and liberation theology. He made more direct that which I had picked up as implicit themes.

For those who want to hear the actual emerging perspective on truth and Scripture, rather than hear from people who heard “stuff” from other people, this is a great thing to listen to.

Did I say listen to? That’s right. I brought my livescribe along and recorded the bulk of the session. I’m going to upload the audio and notes shortly, and will post a link.

The evening ended with the folks at Wicker Park Grace church leading the gathering in a time of worship and communion. Essentially, this was both a time of focusing for those involved, and maybe a bit more of a “this is what an emerging service can be like” for those who were there for Moltmann and didn’t know as much about the emerging side of things.

Today, it’s a full day of Moltmann, who will be there. So, probably a lot more to say in coming posts.

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