Have you seen the movie Millions?
MillionsI saw it for the first time this past week. Honestly I was a little disappointed. Not by the movie but because Netflix sent it instead of The Simpsons movie. At some point someone recommended Millions, I added it to my queue then, likely a few months or more back, and it’s time came.
I was very much not disappointed by the movie. I was utterly appointed. (shouldn’t that work?) Actually, in a way I was because it turned out to be a Christmas movie of sorts. Christmas in both setting and Christmas in theme. Not the theme of rush to the store to buy the last figure and endure all sorts of mayhem. The theme of giving. The theme of overcoming consumerism to find something richer and deeper.

And both Francis and Clare of Assisi have cameo appearance, the former with birds, the latter with a cigarette

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