love and friendships

The art of loving has to be learnt. We learn it through joy in each other, through the forgiveness of guilt we experience, and through the continually astonishing miracle of the new beginning. In that ‘wide space where there is no cramping’ we accept one another, grow with one another and unfold from one another.

Part of love is friendship, which knows how to combine affection with respect for the other person’s liberty. That means respect for the mystery of the other, and his or her still latent and unrealized potentialities. If love stops, we make a fixed image of each other. We judge and pin each other down. That is death.

But love liberates us from these images and keeps the future open for the other person. We have hope for each other, so we wait for one another.

~J├╝rgen Moltmann, Jesus Christ for Today’s World

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