Loss and Recovery of Beauty in October

My postings have fallen off again. Sometimes, I don’t know why that happened. This time I do. I was absolutely swamped by life.

October was one of those months. Not bad. Just pushed me, the whole of me, along in its waves.

Amy was here at the beginning of the month, which was wonderful fun.

We saw The Swell Season in Concert.

I taught a couple of seminary classes in the middle of the month, taking over in stepped-up TA duties as the professor I’m working for was off in Thailand. I get to do the same in the middle of November. Taught on Moltmann’s, Grenz’s, and Bloesch’s Christology the first day (I’m getting better at Christology apparently), and on “the incarnation” the second.

Had a birthday. I’m 34 as of a couple of weeks ago.

Went up to Oregon. Amy’s brother got engaged a month after us, and married two months before us. A delight and joy and wonderful event. A wee stressful for the immediate planning, and a trip more about meeting and schmoozing future family for me than hanging out with Amy. Also, a trip that had a fair bit of our own wedding planning re-assessment.

The day before I left for that I got an email from the professor of a class I’m taking asking if I would switch my 1 1/2 hour presentation from November 5 to October 29. I couldn’t really say no, even with all my being I realized I had utterly no time to work on this presentation that meant discussing theological issues of 2 books and 2 long articles. Airports and airplanes became the center of my theological musings on the topic, which happened to be on the loss and recovery of beauty in the modern period. I had to pull together all this in the midst of the strongest illustration of loss and recovery of beauty in the modern period: weddings and wedding planning.

Walked out to my car at the end of it, and my right rear tire was flat.

I knew exactly how that tire felt.

What I realized was I got, understandably, emotionally and mentally exhausted, on top of not sleeping well for quite a few weeks in quite a few different locations in Lake Arrowhead, Canby, and Pasadena.

My introversion caught up with me, and kept after me until yesterday when I just about climbed into a hole for the day and got absolutely nothing accomplished. And I realize that blogging is an extroverted activity, oddly enough, and suffered a bit of my month o’ real life.

Feeling my way back. Hope to post some pictures soon.

Interestingly enough, while my daily philokalia fell off here on the blog, those writings became central to my presentation, helping me coalesce the topics together in a somewhat curious fashion. Hurray for obscure devotional texts!

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