I was on a bit of a roll there for a bit, posting more frequently than I had for a while. Then it happened: life.  I’m a contemplative, highly introverted and so socially sensitive.

That makes being a teacher a rewarding, yet draining, experience. My batteries get low, and then at the end of a long and very busy season I barely have time to recharge just a bit before jumping into the next thing.

My 2014-2015 school year just came to an end this past week.  Four classes of theology during the Spring semester at APU, followed by a 5 week “summer” intensive that started immediately after Spring ended.  Yet, it’s still Spring and not even summer.

I have two classes starting up online with Fuller in a couple weeks, material I’ve taught before but with a different structure of classes at Fuller than previous quarters, I have to prep it all like it was new.

I just finished grading my APU class.  I have most of the Fuller class in place, with only the myriad of little details to sort through.

Contemplation and the writing that derives from it just has slipped away for the moment.  But I have hopes. There’s a North wind blowing in and with it an invitation towards new rhythms and patterns.  I find myself thinking about writing and then writing, musing even. I have hopes in that. Writing is a both a goal and a sign for me, a discipline to pursue when I feel distracted but when it just starts leaking then pouring out, it’s an indication my heart and mind and soul are discovering renewal.

May the musing re-commence.

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