liberating the church

“Those who participate with the Spirit in finding their true identity in Christ learn to be a particular Spirit-reflecting people in the church so that they can be such people in the world. As the church pursues the liberating freedom of the Spirit, given to it by the call and work of Christ, it can be a reflection of Christ to the whole world, calling each person—oppressed and oppressor—to a liberated and liberating transformation which opens each of us to the contributions of the other, and opens all of us to the enlivening presence of the Triune God, who is calling us into a fulfilling, eternal communion with him.”

From the end of my recent paper titled, “An Emerging Liberation of the Oppressor: Exploring a Constructive Ecclesiology in the Context of the Industrialized West.”

Learned just yesterday I got an A on the paper, an A in the class, and some very helpful comments from Dr. Karkkainen–the comments were both very positive and challenging. Thus, I end my first stage of course work. My residency at Fuller is complete, with my comprehensive exams next and then my dissertation. It wasn’t without its bumps, to be sure, but it ended well, on a very encouraging note, pushing me to do a lot more work, but feeling like there’s a good reason behind it.

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