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A little while ago on a forum discussing the emerging church someone criticized those in the movement for not being real because he didn’t see them in his ‘hood’. Now, assuming his ‘hood’ is within a city and otherwise urban I don’t think this is the case, but even still… how does that mean they are not being real? Is being “real” mean being urban? Or shouldn’t someone be real by being who they are, where they are? I’m not being real if I”m a poseur. That conversation popped out to me when I saw this:

No, this isn’t me. It just made me laugh. My math skills are pretty poor, and it’s the other Oden boy who collects action figures. Oh, and I’m morally opposed to mowing a lawn. Though, I did just spend most of the day mucking about with CSS… But, I didn’t enjoy it! That should count for something? Right?

Maybe I’m just not keeping it real. Where’s my GRE study book?

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