It’s a(nother) Blog!

Just wanted to let you all know that the website for my book,, is getting some regular updates these days.

Two pages on that site are especially worth noting.

The first is the Book Trails blog where I’ll be highlighting various books, movies, music, etc. that I feel touch on the themes of It’s a Dance. I heartily encourage suggestions, by the way.

The second is the main It’s a Dance blog, Perichoresis. Here I’m going to be regularly talking about the topics of the book, book related news, Scripture, theology, and all sorts of other things that relate to the Holy Spirit. For instance, today I started a look at the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament.

At times the blog might be light hearted, at times it might be more conversational like in the book, at times it might get into some deeper parts of theology that I didn’t feel comfortable putting into the book for stylistic reasons. What, in case you’re wondering, does Perichoresis mean? To that I answer: read It’s a Dance. 😀

With the book just out I’m not getting a lot of visits there, but I think this blog will go to a wonderful next level as there is a real conversation there. I wrote a book that consists of conversation. That means I don’t feel like having a blog that’s just a lecture. Wander by. Share your thoughts. Let me know if you have questions or comments about anything in the book. I don’t have a place specifically for random comments or questions yet, but I think I’m going to put one up.

I might also, if there’s interest, develop the church side of the website more. In It’s a Dance I created a fictional Christian community that owns a pub and has a gathering place above it. Maybe I should work on developing this theme more, and having the website be a more complete examination what the Upper Room is like. Hmmmm….

Anyhow, wander on by And keep wandering by.

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