It has begun

This morning I completely rearranged my entire website and began the process of a new start. That means this blog will now be my primary place of writing. Which hopefully means that I’ll actually get back to writing regularly on a blog again. This also means that in the moving process there’s a lot of flotsam about, links that don’t quite work right or pages that aren’t where they used to be. I’ve tried to get all the important stuff in order, and it seems to be working fine. But there’s going to be a good bit that isn’t quite right. Which is fine, because there was a good bit that wasn’t quite right before as well, only I hadn’t bothered worrying about it. Now at least it’s organized somewhat better. I’m going to try to over the next few weeks get everything in order both in the main area and in what I’m now calling my archives, which is all the old stuff on Dual Ravens.

Spring is just about over, but the cleaning continues. Thanks for your patience.

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