it depends on the lighting

If you’re at all familiar with the sitcom Seinfeld, you have probably seen the classic episode where the main character, Jerry, dates a woman who is beautiful in one lighting (the booth at a restaurant) and is almost frightening in another (the front porch when he says goodnight). Because of this characteristic, Jerry continues to vacillate between interest and a revulsion that has him running for the nearest exit. In the entire episode he is amazed that this “two-faced” person could even be the same girl. I have seen this in the church, and it amazes me too. The church is Jerry Seinfeld’s girlfriend!

My serious angst comes out of a true love for a community of humans who seem doomed to being two-faced. Some of the very things that trouble me most about the church are also the things that have the most potential for beauty and inspiration. Here are ten of the things I have identified.

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