It begins: Hope for the Oppressor (featuring a discount code)

Back in 2013 I started writing a book that focused on a liberation of the oppressors. The trek of writing this book has been accompanied by a heavy teaching load, without breaks, three different homes, and four different offices.

While that may have prevented a smooth or efficient process, each point offered its own insights.

Frustrations can often be a way God teaches. That doesn’t make them easier but does redeem the experiences.

The book is now published.  Hooray!

Though at a price ($130) that, frankly, shocks me, so I’m trying to navigate yet another frustration in the process.  That said, given the theme of the book I have hope even for Fortress Academic.

In the next while, knowing the price won’t get a lot of people “trying out” the book, I’m going to have a series of posts that highlight the key themes and moves I make. I know that academic books don’t often have a wide appeal, but I really do think this book reaches well beyond a narrow academic market and into the lives of so many of us. This is my way to get the discussion going even when the price frustrates readership.

Hope for the Oppressor deals with oppressing and oppressors, so anyone who deals with privilege or being overwhelmed by the privileges of others will find something to think about.

I do this in a way that intentionally moves away from the entrenched patterns of discussion that dominate our current dysfunctional political and social commentary.

I genuinely think this book would be interesting, even helpful, to those on very different sides of political discussions and offers an invitation to both sides to discover thorough liberation.

This book is categorized as “Liberation theology” and it is this goal of liberation that invites people to let go dysfunction and attempts to dominate, inviting everyone into a new pattern of life.

We need this. Academia needs this. Politics needs this. Law, Education, Entertainment needs this. Even, I have found, the publishing business needs this.

There’s a better way.  And that’s what I’m arguing for in this book.

Fortress Academic has offered a 30% discount if you buy from their website.
To get the discount, use code LEX30AUTH19 when ordering.

If you can’t afford it ( I can’t afford to buy it myself), please let those at the publisher know you’d like to see an affordable paperback release.  They’ve made the price impossible for individuals and even for many libraries outside North American and Europe, but a paperback would be priced to sell more broadly.

If you’re an academic or journalist, request a review copy or an exam copy.

Flyer discount LEX30AUTH19
To get discount, use code LEX30AUTH19
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